High-Level Cleaning Services

For all your high-level cleaning requirements, you’ve come to the right place.

When your business premises require both internal and external quality cleaning, you are sure to require high-level cleaning as part of your schedule.

That’s where we come in. Heath and Wiltshire offer comprehensive cleaning services, both internally and externally and height is no restriction. Our team offer all aspects of industrial and commercial high-level cleaning services with the very latest in technology and equipment.

All staff members who work at height have the most up-to-date qualification meeting the Work at Height Legislation 2005. Each cleaning operator has the relevant CSCS registration card, Health & Safety training, First Aid training and are IPAF qualified. We can also provide a Site Supervisor.

We invest in our cleaning operators training and qualifications to be able to provide the very best and safest service with full confidence.

There’s no job too big or small for us!

The Importance of Implementing Quality High-Level Cleaning

High-level cleaning should be an integral part of your building’s maintenance programme for many reasons;

  • Create a healthy and hygienic working environment for your staff and visitors, inside and out.

  • Those all-important first impressions, both inside and outside, your premises.

  • Dust and debris can be a serious fire hazard when clogging up air conditioning units, for example.

  • Increase the life of industrial machinery and equipment saving you money and time.

  • The building’s general maintenance needs can be identified by accessing areas that are usually out of sight and otherwise neglected.

  • Prevention of debris falling and deterioration of the building’s core structure.

  • Relining and clearing gutters and undertaking roofing maintenance prevents risk of leakage or structural damage to the building.

High-Level Cleaning Equipment

When we take on new high-level cleaning projects we always start with an initial assessment and plan accordingly. We endeavour to clean from ground level wherever possible, often using Sky Vac systems. This is possible up to heights of 45 feet and not suitable for all cleaning tasks.

Where platforms are necessary we use a range of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) and select the best platform according to the requirements of each specific task.

There are many factors considered when choosing the platform.

With heights over 45 feet we use cradle or weight systems and rope access.

Sky Vac System

The Sky Vac is a far-reaching wet or dry vacuum system which simply cleans using a long pole. This can be undertaken from ground level up to heights of up to 45 feet.

This method of high-level cleaning is always our go-to method where possible. It is by far the safest, most cost effective and efficient method and can be applied internally and externally and is well suited to commercial, industrial and domestic premises.

Sky Vac is made from carbon fibre technology, so it has the benefit of being very light and strong. The low weight is critical for the success of the task in hand and means that industrial scale cleaning is achievable with excellent results and minimal disruption, mess or debris. There is also a camera on the pole to guarantee precision high quality every time.

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms – MEWPs

Mobile Elevating Work Platforms enable powered access and are commonly used where it is not possible to clean from ground level.

MEWP equipment lends itself perfectly to high-level, far reaching cleaning tasks which pose difficulties including awkward and difficult to reach areas.

We use MEWP machinery which can be used internally and externally so factors such as rough terrain, restricted access, load capacity, platform rotation and turning radius have all been taken into consideration.

MEWP equipment includes, but is not restricted to;

  • Scissor Lifts
  • Cherry Pickers
  • Boom Lifts
  • Vertical Lifts
  • Aerial Platforms

Rope Access

Rope access can be the least disruptive method with minimal environmental impact.

Rope access is commonly preferred for window cleaning, external cleaning, bridge access and anywhere with restricted access or in confined spaces.

Rope access services require fewer operators and is a flexible method of choice. Last minute disruptions such as bad weather are far less disruptive because large scale machinery hasn’t been reserved for the job in the first place.

Cradle and Weight Systems

By using cradle and weight systems we can provide high-level cleaning without compromising the safety of the operator, any other persons or the quality of the cleaning provision.

We are fully qualified to operate these systems.

We have a cradle system training provision for our operators ensuring full compliance with ours and your health and safety regulations.

Our Safety Promise

Safety is at the forefront of our planning and with our comprehensive high-level cleaning provision, we are extremely vigilant in ensuring all systems are in place to prevent risk of accident or injury.

There’s a reason so many cleaning companies don’t offer high-level cleaning services and that is because of the training and safety equipment required to do the job legally and safely. We assure you that our equipment and our team are up to the job.

Having stringent risk assessments, method statements (RAMS) and health and safety procedures in place we always come to the premises to assess the environment before we undertake any works.

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