Deep Cleaning

Heath and Wiltshire want to save you time, so you can focus on your business. We have the skills and know-how to come in and leave your business premises looking and smelling beautiful and clean.

We offer a comprehensive deep cleaning service whether on a regular basis, quarterly, annually or as an initial deep clean after taking on a new contract. We always like to start a new contract with a deep clean to ensure that we can meet our high and exacting standards from the very start of working with you.

Deep cleaning guarantees the very highest of standards in hygiene and cleanliness which will always meet industry standards. We clean inside and out leaving no risk of pest infestations, no signs of dirt or grime and no risk of infection or cross contamination.

We have a team of highly skilled and trained cleaning professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience and the very best equipment and products for the job.

We are ISO 9001 and Safe Contractor accredited as well as CQC compliant. All these highly recognised endorsements serve to prove that we are leading professionals in the cleaning sector. We always meet regulations with minimum disruption to your working day.

What Are The Main Benefits of Deep Cleaning?

  • CQC Compliant – We guarantee to eliminate the threat of harmful germs and bacteria in healthcare practices always meeting CQC regulations. This is key in the implementation of infection control and reduction of cross-contamination.

  • Alcumus SafeContractor Accredited – No need to worry about any health and safety concerns as we have achieved excellence through Alcumus SafeContractor. This is a leading third-party accreditation scheme which recognises extremely rigorous standards in health and safety management.

  • All Internal and External Deep Cleaning Services – No job is too big or too small, too high or too low for us! We always consult with our clients to ensure that we provide the very best service for their needs. No two jobs are the same and our clients’ needs can change over time.

  • Competitive Pricing – Our ISO 9001 accreditation has enabled us to become extremely efficient with reduced waste. We like to share our savings with our clients making us a competitive player in the cleaning sector.

  • Reduce Staff Sick Days and Work Disruption – The benefits of a clean and hygienic work environment are countless, but few people consider the impact of cleanliness on staff health and the number of sick days that are taken. Not only are the staff healthy and well but they will also take more pride in their work environment and enjoy coming to work every day. We will always work around your business hours to avoid disruption. We are happy to work in the evenings and weekends or whenever suits you best.

Deep Cleaning – Key Services

  • High-level cleaning – We have the specialist equipment to offer high-level cleaning services which may be required for a number of reasons including dust removal, pest control, graffiti removal and much more. We clean areas that are considered hard to reach because of the need for specialist equipment and highly trained staff. Our high-level cleaning operators have the relevant training to meet regulation standards and can use cherry-pickers, high platforms and lifts. We always conduct risk assessments for each job and provide the necessary documents to our clients.

  • Builders Clean – Builders Clean is the provision of a deep clean service after builders have been on site. Our Builders Clean service will initially remove dirt and debris from all surfaces. This stage is often referred to as the rough clean. The second stage is much more involved and includes the removal of trade defects, render removal, straightening of grout lines and removal of grout dust on tiles and much more. Builders Clean leaves your premises with a showroom quality finish after major renovation or refurbishment has taken place.

  • Sparkle Clean – We offer a Sparkle Clean to leave properties in the most pristine and presentable manner possible from top to bottom, inside and out. With Sparkle Clean everything really does sparkle as if a cleaning fairy has been around with a magic wand! We have a keen eye and love attention to detail and guarantee your properties will be left in the most immaculate condition.

  • Commercial Kitchens – It is imperative that commercial kitchens are hygienic and safe for the health and safety of the staff and customers alike. Due to the nature of the work undertaken in commercial kitchens there is inevitably a need for deep cleaning services. The grease and grime can gather in the most unexpected of places and no matter how clean the kitchen is maintained, there will always be those hard to reach places where the grime can hide. We clean Cooking appliances, Extraction Systems, Canopies and filters, Walls, preparation surfaces, tables and floors, Service areas, external areas and front of house service areas.

  • Industrial Cleaning – It is important in all industry and factory settings to maintain extremely high standards of cleanliness. This prevents risk of debris, dust and contaminates entering the machinery and affecting the production process. It also ensures the safety of the staff and prevents serious injury or accident.

  • Healthcare Premises – We provide CQC compliant deep cleaning services to many healthcare providers. It’s imperative that the risk of harmful germs, bacteria and cross contamination is eliminated in all healthcare practices.

  • Car Dealerships and Showrooms – With all those shiny new cars and large showroom window on display there really is nothing worse than a grubby car showroom. Well, you don’t need to worry! We use our Sparke Clean service in Car Showrooms and we leave your car showroom looking truly showroom quality both inside and out.

Deep Cleaning: One Off Versus Scheduled

Our deep cleaning service is different from our regular cleaning service in that it is far more thorough and comprehensive. Deep cleans takes much longer and therefore only needs to be done about every six months.

When we have been contacted for a deep cleaning service it is often because of sub-standard cleaning services from other contractors. In these instances, we always start with a thorough deep clean followed by regular scheduled cleans.

Deep cleans vary depending on the premises, whether it is internal or external and the nature of the work done on site. Every client’s needs really are different, and we work to meet those specific requirements.

Deep cleans can include getting behind appliances and into air vents where build up of grease and grime has built up. Limescale is removed in and around wet areas, grout may need to be treated in commercial kitchens or bathrooms, windows are cleaned inside and out as well as in the window tracks. Carpets may need to be professionally treated and graffiti and chewing gum may need to be removed from surfaces and much more.

Scheduled cleans involve maintaining the high standards of cleanliness that have been achieved in the deep clean. Scheduled cleans include more general cleaning such as hoovering, mopping, dusting, disinfecting surfaces and general grease and grime removal.

What You Can Expect From Our Deep Cleaning Services

Our deep cleaning service offers a full and comprehensive clean of the internal and external premises and all appliances.

We offer an initial consultation. No two clients are the same and all client requirements are different, so we like to tailor our service to your exact specification.

After our inspection and consultation, we will advise you on what we believe to be the best service and you can choose if you wish for only certain areas to be deep cleaned.

We will then introduce you to the cleaning operators and your designated cleaning manager who will manage your contract and will liaise directly with you meaning you only have to deal with one contact.

You will be provided with ongoing reports and all the relevant documentation for your audit trail for Health and Safety.

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