Our Floor Maintenance Services

Surprisingly, floors can often be overlooked when planning the cleaning schedule of business premises.

Why would the maintenance, cleanliness and overall presentation of floors not seem a priority when managing overall upkeep of facilities?

Floor cleanliness and presentation is really very important and should certainly not be overlooked.

It is a huge mistake to let standards slip in an area that is easily manageable.

For many of your clients or customers, the floor is exactly what they notice. There is nothing worse than tripping over a scuffed carpet or seeing ingrained stains in floors that have seen far better days.

Why is Floor Maintenance So Important?

Business premises flooring works hard! Imagine the activity in any business premises and you will realise the action the floors withstand on a daily basis.

Think of the muddy boots, high heels, chair wheels dragging across the floor, hundreds of members of the public coming and going from outdoors come rain or shine, product containers being wheeled through shop floors and boxes being dragged around.

Your premises should work for you in presenting a trustworthy brand that anyone who enters will immediately feel confident to work with.

There are many reasons to take floor maintenance seriously;

  • Health and Safety – The Workplace Regulations 1992 Act requires floors to besuitable, in good condition and free from obstructions. People should be able to move around safely”.

    Poorly maintained floors pose far greater risk of slips, trips and falls and you could be held accountable for injury or harm done if this occurs.

  • Hygiene – All businesses have a responsibility to ensure their premises are hygienic. Dust and grime gather quickly on floors and with accumulation this quickly becomes unhygienic and can lead to unpleasant odours.

  • Health – Carpets are perfect breeding grounds for contaminates and bacteria. If not regularly maintained this will soon compromise the air quality and begin to pose a risk to the health of both the staff and clients that frequent the building.

  • Reducing the Need for Costly Repairs – Regular maintenance leads to reduced need for ongoing repairs or costly replacement of flooring. Floors can be protected with sealants and polishes leading to a much longer life span and prevention of long-term damage from scuffs and scratches.

Our Initial Deep Cleaning Service – Hard Floors

It is our policy to always meet and discuss our clients’ requirements creating an initial and ongoing plan for the maintenance of floors. Often, this involves an initial deep clean to bring the floors as close to their original state as possible and up to the standards we pride ourselves on.

We scrub, buff and remove scuffs with low speed machinery removing dirt, polish and any build up.

Polishing floors can help reflect the light and make the work environment feel much brighter.

For a wet look finish we apply wet look polish with high solid contents. The sealing and polishing stage can take the longest as it involves applying an emulsion coat, allowing it to dry and then repeating several times. The end effect is that of a beautiful, shiny look floor which reflects light and makes the overall impression of the premises much brighter, cleaner and fresher. The wet look finish is popular in public areas such as office blocks, entrance halls, shopping centres and surgeries.

For areas where slips pose a greater risk there is usually what is called a pitted floor. Pitted floors are far more porous, and accumulation of grime can be more of an ongoing problem. For this we use the rough finish method which leaves more of a matt, non-slip finish. Polish cannot be applied to this type of flooring.

This applies commonly to pubic rest rooms, factories and commercial kitchens.

Our initial deep cleans are often initiated by new clients calling us after feeling dissatisfied with services they have previously been provided. After a successful initial clean our clients then choose Heath and Wiltshire for ongoing maintenance services.

Floor Maintenance

Our ongoing floor maintenance service is commonly on a quarterly basis and takes more of a preventative approach.

We will always assess the floor to ensure we apply the most appropriate and effective method.

Some high traffic areas need more regular deep cleans whereas other areas need a gentler method, preserving and reapplying sealant or polish and general repairs to damage.

When a floor surface needs replacement we can offer advice and guidance.

Simple Tips for Ongoing Floor Maintenance

  • Always using a clean mop

  • Change the mop heads regularly

  • Remove dirt, dust and any debris regularly

  • Daily brushing with a soft bristled brush or floor duster

  • Have a strong and durable all-weather entrance mat for all entrance and exit doors

  • Wash the floor regularly using gentle cleanser suitable for the type of floor

  • Protect the floor from furniture by using pads on chair and table legs, etc as well as castor cups to spread heavy loads

  • Always lift furniture rather than dragging it

  • Clean spills and surface stains immediately to prevent ingrained stubborn stains from forming

  • Avoid steam cleaning and harsh chemicals

  • Call Heath and Wiltshire!

We Provide Our Floor Maintenance Services To…

Our floor maintenance services are suitable for any premises.

We always do an initial assessment and discuss each client’s requirements and create a package that is best suited to their needs.

Here are some examples of where we provide our floor maintenance services;

  • High Street & Retail Park Shops
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Surgeries
  • Supermarkets
  • Public Toilets and Restrooms

We offer a flexible, hassle-free service with minimum disruption designed to fit around your working day. Appointments can be made easily and quickly, and we listen to your specific requirements to create an initial and ongoing plan that you will always be happy with.

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