Property Maintenance and Cleaning Services

H&W offer a complete solution for Housing association and local authority properties.

Our services are designed to meet the specific requirements of each client, all of which are unique and changeable. Our services are extensive, professional, flexible and reliable.

We always take a proactive approach ensuring the upkeep of the building’s communal areas.

This provides tenants with reassurance that the building is safe and welcoming, and their money is being spent wisely.

As always, Heath & Wiltshire provide the highest quality of service and are able to do this thanks to our wealth of experience & passion for the job!

Property cleaning and maintenance services

Our Housing Cleaning and Maintenance Services

cleaning services

Daily Cleaning

Our cleaning operators perform daily cleaning tasks.

These daily tasks generally involve cleaning stairwells, handrails, floors and walls as well as communal rooms such as public toilets and laundry rooms.

We also manage more unexpected and less routine tasks such as safe and sanitary removal of animal waste, graffiti removal, unscheduled cleans of refuse areas, removal of hazardous waste and much more.

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windows and facades cleaning

Window & Gutter Cleaning

We provide high and low-level internal and external window cleaning and gutter cleaning services as well as building facades.

Our window and gutter cleaning service is always scheduled so residents have plenty of notice. This shows respect for privacy and also ensures that windows are sealed shut before our arrival.

Our window cleaning service includes glass panes, frames, sills and fascias for a gleaming finish while our gutter cleaning service can be regularly scheduled or on an as and when basis.

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waste and refuse management

Refuse Management

Our mobile team put the bins out onto the roadside for refuse collection on a weekly basis, as well as cleaning the bins, some of which are 1100 litres in size. We also rotate them in the storage area so all bins are filled and not just the ones at the front. This prevents unsightly and unhygienic waste gathering in the storage area.

Depending on your requirements our refuse collection service can include general waste, clinical waste services and recycling services.

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Fire Alarm testing services

Fire Alarm Tests

We provide weekly or biweekly fire alarm tests.

This is very important to ensure the safety of the building and the tenants and ensures any faults or maintenance requirements are quickly identified.

We risk assess areas and address any obstructions in communal areas working closely with the housing management team to ensure tenants are fire aware and all Health and Safety and Fire Safety policies are being adhered to.



We provide regular audits and our managing team do spot check to ensure the standards of our team’s work is consistent and of high quality.

Our audit data goes to quarterly performance review meetings. This is an incredibly important part of the overall process as through these meetings we provide photographic evidence of maintenance requirements.

This information is then passed onto the correct authorities to act quickly and accordingly.

pest control

Pest Control

Pest infestations in and around communal buildings can quickly become unruly.

This is both unhygienic and unpleasant for residents. Effective control and management requires specialist knowledge, skill and equipment.

Our professional cleaning operators can easily assess the potential risks offering preventative advice and in the event of an infestation, we guarantee an effective course of action.

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emergency call outs

Emergency Call Outs

We are available for emergency call outs 24 hours a day.

We try to be there within two hours depending on the nature of the emergency and guarantee a maximum waiting time of 24 hours.

These call out can be for several reasons such as the need for safe and hygienic cleaning and removal of bodily fluids in hallways, needles being found in stairwells or outdoor communal areas or fly tipping found in the gardens or car parks.

grounds maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance is a critical part of our commercial housing cleaning service.

Our grounds maintenance services are vast and varied, tailored to your requirements, adapted to the changing seasons.

Services include general outdoor maintenance, grass cutting, hedge trimming and plant displays. We also have the machinery for deep cleaning hard grounds, car parks. walls and many more services.

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Specialist Services

We offer specialist housing & property management services in the following areas:

  • Hazardous Waste & Waste Removal, Sharps Disposal & Removal of Infected Household Items
  • One Hour Quick Response Call Out
  • 24 Hour Emergency Call Out
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Reactive Jobs
  • Fire Alarm Testing
  • Clean Up After a Localised Fire
Specialist cleaning services

The Benefits of Our Services

We work closely with landlords and managers of residential buildings to ensure communal areas are well maintained, safe and clean.

Our cleaning operators wear Heath & Wiltshire branded uniforms for professionalism and for resident’s reassurance. We also provide complete transparency in our timetabling by having regularly updated notice boards in hallways. We ensure our cleaning visits are reliable, consistently matching our high standards.

Tenants always feel comfortable approaching our team with their concerns enabling us to act quickly to rectify issues and report further maintenance needs. By acting quickly damage is easily prevented, tenants are satisfied their money is being spent wisely, and costs are vastly reduced. There is far less chance of complaints, malicious damage or vandalism and most importantly the communal areas remain safe, welcoming and pleasant.

Commercial cleaning services

Our Pressure Washer Vans

Thanks to our van mounted jet washer service we are easily able to provide our jet washing service anywhere, anytime.

The vans are fully equipped with built in hot and cold-water tanks as well as all necessary equipment to ensure we can always provide our high-spec service with minimum disruption.

This means we can clean buildings without having to access its water supply or its electric supply. We are totally self-sufficient.

  • High-Power Cleaning

  • Hot & Cold Water Tanks

  • Minimum Disruption

  • We Are Totally Self-Sufficient

Pressure washer van

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Why Choose Heath & Wiltshire?

  • Passion For Cleaning – H&W realise that cleaning is more than quality of work. It is of core importance to us that our staff share the same passion that we do for good service.

  • Learn. Respond. Trust – We listen to our customers’ needs & respond efficiently, gaining invaluable trust.

  • Proactive Not Reactive – Our “proactive approach” to cleaning focuses on eliminating problems before they have a chance to arise.

  • Building Customer Relationships – We work in partnership with our customers so we can track customer sentiments regarding our services, and rectify problem areas identified through regular communication.

  • Reliable & Consistent – We are committed to providing exceptional services that are both reliable & consistent

  • ISO 9001 – Being QEC ISO 9001 accredited means we have the strategic tools, knowledge and quality management systems in place to make sure all of our customers receive a consistent service.

  • SafeContractor – We have SafeContractor accreditation which ensures us of health and safety requirements mandated by current health and safety legislation.

  • Care About the Environment – H&W recognise the importance of environmental protection and is committed to operating its business responsibly and comply with all legal requirements.

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