Professional Cleaning Services: Planning Ahead to 2018

The new year is quickly approaching and now is a great time to start thinking ahead to 2018, especially if you require professional cleaning services for your establishment.

At Heath & Wiltshire we understand that it can often seem a hassle to organise cleaning services for your organisation, or even to change your current cleaning company to someone new.

That’s why we can provide a truly easy & hassle-free process whereby we can take the weight off your shoulders and manage the whole thing to ensure you can focus on your business!

Office Professional Cleaning

Our 3-Step Process

To get started you just need to follow our easy 3-step process:

  • 1. Call us on 0800 772 0178: Speak to a member of our experienced team to discuss any requirements and organise a personal visit & site audit.

  • 2. Receive a personal visit & site audit: A member of our team will visit your site to review and evaluate the scale and cost of the task at hand.

  • 3. Receive your quote & cleaning timetable: Once we have reviewed everything needed will will contact you to provide a quote and recommended cleaning timetable based on the information gained in the site audit.

Step 1 – Discuss Requirements

At Heath & Wiltshire we offer a range of different cleaning services which means that we can really do it all no matter the services you require.

If you require multiple services, it’s great to only have to speak with one company in order to manage it all!

Some of our services include:

about heath & wiltshire - H&W Staff cleaning a carpet

All of this & so much more – just get in touch today on 0800 772 0178 to get the ball rolling!

Step 2 – Personal Visit & Site Audit

Car Valeting - A member of H&W staff valeting a silver BMW car - commercial valeting cleaning services - available in Gloucestershire & more

Before we quote or put together recommended services to you, we will send out an experienced member of the team to visit & audit your site.

This will include evaluating services that will need to be undertaken and the scale of the task at hand whilst also discussing bespoke requirements to ensure that the services we offer are flexible and personal to your business.

Step 3 – Quote & Cleaning Timetable

Once the personal visit & site audit has been completed we will be in touch to provide you with a quote and a recommended cleaning timetable based on the information gained in the site audit.

The timetable will differ for every business, whether you need a deep clean to get the premises up to spec, regular cleaning services to maintain standards – or both!

We’re incredibly flexible and can fit the timetable to suit your needs.

about heath & wiltshire - H&W Staff cleaning a tiled floor - Hampshire services available

Management of Existing Staff

Silver H&W Van with the logo printed on at the side of the road in the evening when its dark.

If you are pleased with the work done by your current cleaning staff but are looking for different management, there is no need to worry about losing them.

All employees have the right to transfer thanks to TUPE Regulations –  and our experienced managers will ensure this all happens smoothly.

There are many benefits to this process as it allows you to keep the staff you know and trust whilst also gaining a new management team that can help to provide an all-around quality service.

At Heath & Wiltshire we are proactive and will ensure staff have the correct training, equipment and time to provide excellent professional cleaning services.

Underperforming individuals will be subject to our disciplinary procedures and performance management.

We will ensure this process is seamless and is far less daunting than it sounds.

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If you’re looking ahead to 2018 and are in need of a range of professional cleaning services, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re always happy to help!

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