How to Choose the Best Contract Cleaning Company for Your Requirements

Do you know what to look for in a cleaning contractor?

Really knowing what you need from your cleaning contractor is key to making the right decision.

Talk to your staff. Staff are your eyes on the ground so their input is invaluable.

Have a walk around your business premises. This can really help you identify areas for improvements.

By being realistic with your budget and clear about your requirements you will save time, prevent costly mistakes and avoid disappointment.

Our Top Tips to Help You Find a Cleaning Contractor

Employing a cleaning contractor is no different to other forms of employing. You must be thorough and strategic in your recruitment process.

Know what you are looking for, have a clear and consistent idea of your requirements and do your research.

  • Know Your Requirements – Be clear about the services you require before contacting anyone. This prevents wasted time.

  • Do Your Research – Get it right with thorough research.

    Does the cleaning company have specialist equipment for specialist tasks? Are the staff trained?

    Read up on the company. Have they been in business for a long time? What is the company history?

    Check case studies and ask for references.

    Which accreditations do they have? Accreditations and memberships are a true indicator of companies that are professional and take their responsibilities seriously; those that have your best interests and share your values.

    Check they are insured and to what level.

  • Know Which Services the Cleaning Companies Offer – Do they offer grounds maintenance, deep cleans, scheduled cleans, high level cleaning?

    Do their services meet your requirements?

  • Learn More About the Company’s Experience in Your Industry – This is part of the filtering process. Many cleaning companies seem perfect until you realise they have no experience in dealing with the more specific requirements of your sector.

  • Take Advice and Guidance from Cleaning Companies – Most companies offer an initial consultation. This benefits them as well as their potential new client enabling them to assess the client’s needs, advise in best practice and ensure expectations are realistic.

    They will have a walk through of the premises, offer advice and guidance. This is an opportunity to discuss your priority jobs and ongoing tasks.

    Don’t forget the cleaning company are the specialists so they may identify areas you hadn’t.

  • First Impressions – Is your preferred cleaning company professional? Do the staff wear uniforms? Are they diligent? Do they follow protocol and meet all requirements of legislation?

    Remember Health and Safety is your responsibility, so you need to be sure the cleaning company you contract adheres to the most up-to-date legal requirements.

  • Shared Values – If you treat your staff well, surely you would want the cleaning company to do so too. Do they take actions to reduce their environmental footprint? Are you happy with their professionalism, diligence and presentation?

  • Evidence – Good record-keeping and comprehensive auditing helps guarantee consistently high-level cleaning practice.

    Evidence-based decision-making demonstrates good leadership and practice.

    Well managed cleaning staff know exactly what is expected of them and know they are accountable. It also means the cleaning company can clearly communicate with clients ensuring expectations are managed and met.

  • Communication – So, you think you have found a great cleaning contractor. Great!

    Now, have a think about how long you will be working with them. Do you like the way they conduct their business? Do you trust them? Do you feel they are a company you are happy to work with long-term? What are the terms of their contract?

    Great communication and a strong rapport help you achieve your goals by having the service tailored to your specific requirements.

Heath and Wiltshire may be Exactly the Cleaning Company You are Looking for

So now you know exactly how to recruit the best cleaning contractor for your requirements, why not call us to see how we may fit the bill perfectly?

With many years of experience in the industry our cleaning contractors are extremely professional and reliable.

Our accreditations include SafeContractor and ISO9001 and we are CQC compliant.

We offer a wide variety of services so you can confidently call on us for all your needs. We guarantee consistently high-quality, hassle-free services designed to meet your specification and fit around your timetable.

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