Safety Improvements Made on Heath and Wiltshire Vans

We always strive to be our best at Heath and Wiltshire providing brilliant customer service while investing in our business and our staff.

With all these objectives in mind we have gone the extra mile in improving the safety of our vans for our Mobile Cleaning Operators and our Management team, all of whom spend a great deal of time on the road.

By working closely with K P Garage and Bodyshop we have learnt of a tyre sealant which “seals punctures as they happen” made by PunctureSafe.

This added layer of protection gives our Mobile Cleaning Operators and Managers peace of mind that they will not fall victim to a flat tyre if they get a puncture, ensuring they’re safety on motorways and preventing them from becoming stranded while on the road.

Additionally, our customers can be confident that their cleaning job will be done efficiently and in a timely manner without any unforeseen hiccups!

We assure our hassle-free and flexible cleaning service, so you can carry on with your business safe in the knowledge that your cleaning requirements are taken care of by our professional, reliable and highly qualified cleaning operators.

Benefits of Using PunctureSafe Tyre Sealant – For Us and For You

The benefits of installing a tyre sealant in our vehicles are endless. Here are just a few of them:

  • Staff Safety – Staff safety is the primary reason for improving the safety of our vans. If any of our staff encounter difficulties through tyre punctures or flat tyres while out on the road, we can now be confident that we have reduced all risk of danger.

    There is 99% less chance of punctures occurring in the first place and on the rare occasions where the puncture is excessive the air loss will be significantly reduced meaning the driver will have plenty of time to stop safely and calmly.

  • Saves Time & Money – PunctureSeal seals punctures as soon as they happen while the vehicle is still moving reducing disruption and costly downtime. Nobody wants to wait at the side of the road for a tyre repair or replacement.

    Installing four tyres with tyre sealant is considerably less costly than repairing or replacing one damaged tyre. This significant reduction in operational costs is shared with our loyal customers.

  • Extending the Life of the Tyre – PunctureSeal tyre sealant can prevent up to 100 punctures in one tyre alone!

  • PunctureSafe Lasts the Lifetime of the Tyre – Any puncture that is sealed with PunctureSafe will last the lifetime of the tyre.

  • Eco-friendly Product – We are passionate about reducing our environmental footprint, so we were pleased to discover that PunctureSeal is an Eco-friendly choice. PunctureSeal tyre sealant contains Eco-friendly antifreeze unlike other tyre sealants which contain lethal Ethylene Glycol as antifreeze.

Thanks to K P Garage and Bodyshop

We have had a close working relationship with K P Garage and Bodyshop for a number of years and we couldn’t be more grateful for the high quality professional work they have always done for us.

Their service has ensured that we can confidently send our staff out on the roads knowing our vehicles are safe, our staff are protected, and our customers receive the service we offer without any delays.

K P Garage and Bodyshop have serviced our vehicles ensuring we meet industry standards and now they have introduced us to the additional safety measure of sealing our vehicle tyres with PunctureSeal tyre sealant.

With this added measure, everyone benefits!

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