Measuring Cleaning Performance

Like any service industry business, cleaning company performance needs to be regularly measured to ensure it’s delivering optimum efficiency and cleaning standards.

In order to do this effectively, Heath and Wiltshire utilise the latest auditing software from IAuditor which is used across all client’s sites.

Inspections are made on a regular basis with the Area Manager and the customer carrying out the site inspection together, iAuditor is completed and any issues are noted. An action plan is then put in place.

Measuring Cleaning Performance

iAuditor By Safety Culture

Utilising all functionality of IAuditor, H&W Area Managers are able to:

  • Capture Photo Evidence – Take pictures, annotate, and attach them to the cleaning checklist

  • Assign Corrective Measures – Create a corrective action within the app and instantly assign it to the relevant person, set the due date, and determine the priority level.

  • Generate On-site Reports – Complete inspections and generate shareable reports which are sent directly to the client for complete accountability

  • Schedule Follow-up Inspections  – We never miss scheduled inspections and know when assigned tasks are completed using iAuditor’s scheduling feature. We can use iAuditor to set up recurring and regular inspections on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

iAuditor to Measure Cleaning Performance

Communication & Feedback

In addition to the IAuditor inspections H&W’s customers are contacted by telephone on a regular basis to ensure they are happy with all aspects of our service from cleaning standards to preparation of invoices.

All feedback is of value and together with the IAuditor reports, performance is discussed at the monthly quality management meetings to ensure our high service standards are continually being met and our customer service experience is excellent!

Communication & Feedback in Cleaning Performance

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