How We Achieve Continual Improvement

Continual Improvement is an enduring effort to improve our processes and services; something we take incredibly seriously here at Heath and Wiltshire.

A proactive approach with strong communication and a long and short-term flexible plan is imperative to ensure we stay strong leaders in our field.

We have worked hard over many years to ensure the most effective and successful processes are in place for continual improvement; meeting the requirements of the company as well as the specific and often very bespoke requirements of each client we serve.

The many benefits of implementing Continual Improvements include:

  • Improved Quality of Services
  • Consistency in our Services
  • Reduced Waste and Savings which are Shared with our Clients
  • Health and Safety
  • Happy, Valued and Motivated Staff
  • Extremely Satisfied Customers

Our Methods

  • Having Accreditations and Memberships – We are accredited with ISO9001, SafeContractor and Altius and we are also working towards ISO14001. This demonstrates we meet industry regulations and standards, we are transparent, consistent and efficient, and we care for the safety of our staff and clients.

    Our accreditations demonstrate our high values and that we strive for continual improvement.

  • Making Sound Investments – We invest in our staff, systems and equipment. Our investment help us provide the very best service.

    By using the latest equipment, not only is it of the highest quality, it is also more effective and efficient. This saved money and improves staff morale and safety leading to happy clients.

  • Using Quality Systems – We use iAuditor to streamline and unify our auditing system so we can guarantee the provision of consistently high-quality services. For best results and complete transparency, we share our reports with our customers.

    The audits are usually monthly or quarterly and, with each report, we discuss the peaks and troughs of the results putting objectives in place to address these.

  • Having Quality Recruitment Processes– We have a rigorous recruitment process guaranteeing our team are highly qualified, experienced and professional.

    We do our best to employ locally, supporting the local economy and preventing our staff from spending unnecessary amounts of time commuting. We believe this is far better for the local community, our clients, staff and it reduces our environmental impact.

    We are proud of each member of the Heath and Wiltshire team and believe that each staff member feels valued as a core part of H&W’s ongoing success.

  • Providing Ongoing Training – Our Continued Professional Development allows our team to gain qualifications in the industry and learn more specialist practices and the use of specialist equipment.

    Training improves staff confidence, team morale and communication and importantly improves the consistency and quality of services we provide.

  • Doing Spot Checks and Observations – Our management team conduct unscheduled spot checks. The benefits include management awareness of cleaning practice and standardised consistency.

    We like to see what our staff are doing and address any difficulties they may face. We get out there talking to and supporting our staff and clients. They then communicate the benefits of our practices and we can identify areas for improvement.

    These observations are highly valuable in informing our planning of processes.

  • Reporting –  The data we obtain from reports helps us easily identify Key Performance Indicators. These KPI’s help us achieve our objectives. They inform crucial decisions, improve working practices, help us meet current legislation and improve training and quality.

    Our reports help us to remain consistent and transparent. We always archive our reports so we can refer to them when required.

Our ISO 9001 2015 Accreditation

We are proud to have ongoing ISO 9001 accreditation. This is an internationally recognised Quality Management System which demonstrates our ability to consistently provide services which meet not only our client’s expectations but stringent regulatory requirements as well.

ISO 9001 is based on many quality management principles, not least customer focus and the management practices.

Our ISO 9001 accreditation has led to greater management accountability. It has helped us standardise our organisational practices making us more efficient, consistent and accountable in all areas.

This has led to improved customer satisfaction, reduced waste and consistently high-quality services.


We use iAuditor to file reports, conduct our checklists and inspections. This helps us plan for continual improvements, meet our objectives and address and resolve any issues immediately.

iAuditor has helped us unify our processes and empowered our staff to make more informed decisions which can quickly and easily be relayed back to the management team. This helps us continually raise our standards, guarantee safety and more quickly and easily solve problems.

The data can be shared instantly and accessed anywhere which has proved priceless for our management team members who spend a large portion of their week on the road with clients and attending meetings.

The results of our scheduled and unscheduled observations can be quickly and easily recorded in easy to read charts and checklists with photographic evidence with dated and timed notes.

This helps us achieve our ISO 9001 accreditation as everything we record is transparent and easily accessible.


We follow the cyclical Plan-Do-Check-Act method. This ensures we are always proactively checking and identifying areas of success and areas for improvement within our processes.

With strong communication within the company and with our clients, we find we can easily troubleshoot and positively respond to client requirements quickly and effectively.

Plan – In our planning stage, we meet for in-depth discussions to decide what has gone well and areas we feel need improving upon. iAuditor informs us and allows us to measure current standards and analyse how we can improve on already excellent areas of performance. We then plan and document our long and short-term objectives which are then communicated to staff and clients alike. This stage is critical in ensuring we as a company are consistent in our processes and what we deem to be excellent standards.

Do – Once we have planned our objectives, we are able to implement the training and other necessary steps to ensure the identified improvements are made. This can include in-house training as well as more specialist training.

Check – We continually monitor our performance on all levels analysing our processes and implementing corrective actions for ongoing improvements and addressing clients evolving requirements.

Act – This stage is monitored closely to analyse if the changes made and processes implemented have had the desired effect. We always make adjustments for further improvements and focus on each client’s requirements individually using our experience, knowledge and expertise for the most informed decisions. We pride ourselves on meeting exacting specifications of clients as no two contracts are the same.

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