Heath & Wiltshire to Appear on Channel 5’s Hotel Inspector

Keep a space in your diary because…

Heath and Wiltshire are going to be on Channel 5’s Hotel Inspector tonight at 9pm.

We were absolutely thrilled when we received an unexpected call from the famous and highly reputable hotel inspector and hotelier Alex Polizzi.

Alex Polizzi is the host of the Hotel Inspector on Channel 5 and called us to be a part of the show, providing cleaning support and guidance to a hotel owner.

Alex really does punch high so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised we were when she chose Heath and Wiltshire to save the day for a struggling hotel.

When Does the Programme Air?

You may have realised we’ve only given you half the story!

Well you will have to watch The Hotel Inspector on Channel 5 at 9pm tonight (5th July 2018) to find out which hotel we went to and to see Alan for yourselves.

All we can say is there is a happy ending with a happy and well deserving landlord and years of satisfied clients who are sure to return year after year.

We love a happy ending at Heath and Wiltshire!

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Read more about Channel 5’s Hotel Inspector here : http://www.channel5.com/show/the-hotel-inspector/

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