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CQC Cleaning Case Study – Trowbridge Health Centre

The Trowbridge Health Centre was formed in order to provide better healthcare services to the patients in the town.

Three existing GP Surgeries merged together under one roof to create a health centre that could better the service provisions for patients in Trowbridge.

Now that the centre is up and running it provides a multitude of healthcare services on a larger scale whilst also being located in a purpose built building.

We are happy to be providing our CQC compliant cleaning services.

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Heath & Wiltshire have supported the move of 3 health centres into 1 and provide regular CQC Compliant cleaning in order for them to meet the standards set by the CQC.

We have two teams that work with the Trowbridge Health Centre, each chosen by Adriana, our mobile supervisor for the Wiltshire area.

Adriana worked onsite for 1 month in order to implement the right teams for the job.

Once the teams were put together they began a regular schedule of CQC Compliant cleaning.

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The Cleaning Services We Implemented

At Heath & Wiltshire, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in CQC compliant cleaning and provide a number of services in order to meet CQC requirements in the healthcare industry.

Some of these services include:

  • Cleaning Consultation Rooms & Beds

  • Cleaning Waiting Rooms

  • Cleaning Reception Areas

  • Cleaning Staff Areas & W/Cs

We pride ourselves on offering a truly comprehensive service – we do it all of this and so much more.

CQC Cleaning Case Study

Our System

Heath & Wiltshire have a dedicated system in place so we can ensure that our services offer the whole package.

This system includes:

  • Documentation: Documentation is incredibly important when it comes to the CQC and we take this seriously. We have sign off sheets in every room of the health centre that is required to be signed off by every staff member. This is a requirement of the CQC and allows us to maintain an audit trail.
  • Auditing: Heath & Wiltshire provides regular cleaning audits to ensure the agreed plan is being strictly followed, giving you peace of mind that the highest standards are maintained at all times
  • Training: Cleaning staff at Heath & Wiltshire are trained to work in healthcare environments as well as work to the standards outlined by the CQC.
  • Robust Cleaning Schedule: H&W will put a robust cleaning schedule in place and ensure that it is strictly followed to make certain that standards are being met and maintained.
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The Products We Use

The team at Heath & Wiltshire are dedicated to using the best products that are not only high quality but correct for the industry they’re being used in.

For our healthcare CQC compliant cleaning we use Selden products for optimium results.

Our staff know and understand the best ways to use Selden products so you can always expect top results.

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The Results

Choosing the right team to work on each job can be essential to the task at hand, which is why we worked hard to implement the right teams at Trowbirdge Health Centre.

Thanks to their experience, the systems in place and the high quality products used, we are able to follow our vigorous cleaning schedule and regularly maintain standards at the centre.

Adriana has since preformed and audit at the Trowbridge Health Centre and they passed!

We look forward to continuing our work and ensuring more of this.

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